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The GBWN Forum is a public space set aside for member organizations and others to support education about water conservation programs for urban and rural communities in the Great Basin.

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December 04, 2013 — Snake Valley Water For Snake Valley: Dean Baker's Story
The Consequences...Transporting Snake Valley Water to Satisfy a Thirsty Las Vegas: An Eastern Nevada Rancher's Story is a virtual water tour of Snake Valley. Baker Family Ranches has produced the DVD to help people understand that there is not enough water in Snake Valley to justify the Southern Nevada Water Authority's proposed $15 billion groundwater development project, known as the Las Vegas water grab. The water grab is bad for eastern Nevada, its economy, communities, wildlife, environment and tourism. It will also be a disaster for the ratepayers of Las Vegas who cannot afford a costly pipeline project to transport an uncertain unproven source of water. .

February 10, 2014 — Las Vegas Sun Opinion: "Whatever it Takes to get Water" to Las Vegas?
Editorials from the Las Vegas Sun and the Las Vegas Review Journal are now pretty much in lock step with each other -- just not in the best interest of S. Nevada residents. Our take:

We live in the driest desert in North America; betting your future on getting water from other peoples homelands in the driest desert in North America is not long-range thinking. And spending nearly $16 billion (or any large amount) on such a massive engineering solution is crazy. Especially when you consider that you can get all the proposed pipeline water simply by conservation from 220 gallons per person per day to 170 gallons per person per day -- still a larger amount of water than other desert cities in the country.

The whining from the editorial staff is, frankly, insufferable. Why it sounds just like the uhhh well, it sounds just like the Southern Nevada Water Authority

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